Thursday, March 21, 2013


I keep moving the in right direction, but I'm nervous that yesterday is going to catch up with me.

yesterday was hard.  My head was not "in it".  We had Easter candy in the office, and I was just plain hungry.  I had a few pieces of chocolate.  So there, I cheated a little.  I've found in the past on HCG, it usually takes about 2 days for your cheat to catch up with you.  But, I need to focus on things one day at a time. 

This morning was a good loss of -2 Lbs

Starting Weight 199.8
Today's Weight 192.4
Total Loss of  -7.4 Lbs

I'm really anxious to see the 180's again.  I'd like to get back to 175 in this round.  That will get me back to my original ending point.  That's 17.4 pounds to go, I need to average .8 Lbs a day.

Here's to staying focused today!  My devotion read:
"Human weakness, consecrated to Me, is like a magnet, drawing My power into your neediness.  However, fear can block the flow of My Strength into you.  Instead of trying to flight your fears, concentrate on trusting Me.  When you relate to Me in confident trust, there is no limit to how much I can strengthen you."

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Still plugging along.  Felt pretty good yesterday.  I was REALLY hungry when I got home, but hubby had made one of my favorite dishes on the this diet.  So I gobbled that up.

Woke up to a -2.4 Lbs loss!!!  

Starting Weight: 199.8
Today's Weight: 194.4
Total Weight Loss: -5.4 Lbs

That's in just two days of eating on the low calorie diet.  I'm pressing forward.  I sailed on over to the 190's after Christmas, and the 180's happened over Thanksgiving.  I'd really like to loose at least 20 Lbs in this round so that I can be back down in the 170's. 

Let me share my dinner last night, since I brough it for lunch today.

Citrus Basil Chicken
Chicken Breast (2)
Tomatoes (2-3)
Orange (2)
Basil (handful_
Seasoning (Salt, Pepper etc.)
Chicken Stock (cup or so)

Just brown the chicken in a big pot.  Add enough chicken stock to cover half way up the chicken.  Add the tomato, cut up oranges, a handful of chopped basil and just let it simmer.  This is SUPER tasty!  The basil just adds so much.  The stock, tomatoes and oranges just end up making a really yummy sauce.  Enjoy!

My Devotional said this morning:
I shower blessings on you daily, but sometimes you don't perceive them.  When your mind is stuck on a negative focus, you see neither Me nor My gifts.  In faith, thank Me for whatever is preoccupying your mind.  This will clear the blockage so that you can find Me.
Sometimes when I'm on this diet, I lose focus on what is good, and can only focus on what I can't have.  In those times, I will say a prayer to remind myself that God will get me through this if I ask him.  He wants me to be victorious!  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

P2 D2 VLCD - That's what I remember

Yesterday was my first VLCD.  It went well.  I was tempted several times, feeling week to hunger, but my addition of reading my devotional really helped me stay in perspective. 
"Trust Me, one day at a time.  I will equip you to get through this day victoriously."
 Those words stuck in my head.   I thought of Him, looking down on my and smiling when I choose to stick to the plan.  I will be rewarded for sure.  Don't loose sight of that.

Starting Weight:  199.8
Today's Weight:  196.8
Today's loss: -3 Lbs

I'm THRILLED!  That's the HCG I remember!  I'm going to do great.

So far today I've had coffee twice, water, apple, egg whites and sugar free salsa.  I have wheat crackers that I'm acting as my bread stick which is a slight deviation.

I also need to fess up.  On my last two rounds that I "attempted" to do HCG, I also sneaked a few sugar free chocolates.  Today, I went to Target without eating lunch, and I ate one of those chocolates.  I in fact, put a whole bag in my cart to buy, you know, just to have on hand....  Well, I meandered through the clothes, bought nothing, was struck by my words of motivation yesterday and put the bag back.  The temptation is not there.

My devotion today was long, but the part that spoke to me the most was,
"Let My Light shine in you; don't dim it with worries or fears."
I'm not going to worry about being a little hungry, or thinking too much about failing again.  I'm going to keep my eye on the reward, and turn to prayer when it get's a little tough. I will get through this day victoriously.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Starting Over - Re-do P1 Day 1 VLCD

Gosh, it's been a long time since I've even signed in an taken a look at my weight loss blog....  Can we say I've been a bit neglectful?  

I noticed that my latest post was back in May of 2012.  That is nearly a year ago.  A year ago that I was getting all introspective about my weight loss thus far and why I was still feeling FAT.  Well, I have clear memories of what started happening in my personal life in May.  We got some bad news from the IRS (when is it ever good), which began our transition. My husband and two kids moved back in with my parents.  Can we just say that the summer was an emotional roller coaster for me!

So we moved in August, my oldest started Kindergarten, and they we were.  The Fall was all about getting settled and not feeling like we were just visiting.  With the holiday's around the corner, my weight started to creep upward, and I was careless about doing anything about it.  Maybe a little bummed you could say. 

Now that warmer weather has been coming around more, and the day light lasts a little longer, I realize that right now, right this moment, I am REALLY REALLY uncomfortable in my skin.  I don't like this. 

HCG.  It's worked before.  This blog proves it.  I HAVE WILL POWER.  I can do this!

I'm going to share some new things I've found, as well as read my devotional every day.  Maybe there is a reason things aren't clicking.  Here I go again!

Today is my new day one. 

I loaded over the weekend.  I had a a burger, fries, Mexican food, chocolate and peanut butter, Sangria.  I felt stuffed and the scale sure showed it.  I haven't weighed myself in about 4 weeks, so this was it.

Re-do Round 1, Day 1 VLCD
Starting Weight - 199.8 (Good Golly)

My devotional today:

Trust me one day at a time.  This keeps you close to ME, responsive to My will.  Trust is not a natural response, especially for those who have been deeply wounded.  My Spirit within you is your resident Tutor, helping you in this supernatural endeavor.  Yield to His gentle touch; be sensitive to His prompting.
Exert your will to trust Me in all circumstances.  Don't let your need to understand distract you from My presence.  I will equip you to get through this day victoriously, as you live in deep dependence on Me.  Trust me one day at a time.

My word, this is exactly what I needed to hear today.  I'm going to take this diet one day at a time.  If I put my faith in the Lord, he will help give me the strength to make it through.  Each day will be it's own battle, if I stay focused on Him, I won't be distracted by food that I don't need.