Saturday, May 12, 2012

Let's try this again!

Well, it's almost been a year that I started trying to do HCG.  I supposed I've been successful.  I've lost around 30 Lbs depending on the day.  It feels good some days, and other days, I feel FAT.  Ugh.  I can remember when I was heavier, that I wished I was 175.  I would have been so grateful for that.  Now, I'm 175, and feel FAT.  I feel like I did when I was 240 pounds.  So does that mean it's all in my head?

Truth is, I don't feel strong.  I don't feel healthy.  I don't feel in control.  But I can't decide what I need to do to change that.  I want to feel good, happy with myself, content... 

Truth is, I haven't committed myself to HCG like I did on my first round.  Do you suppose that's why I feel bad?  I haven't given the diet my 1000% commitment.  Is that why I feel so negative?

Truth is, If I just decide that I'm worth working hard, maybe I will feel good about myself no matter what I weigh.  Commit, do my best, be honest, pray and push forward dam it!

SO that's what I'm going to do. 

I've been half-assing a round of HCG right now, and doing miserably at it.  SO, 21 more days starting tomorrow!  An honest, 1000% effort starting tomorrow.  On Mothers Day, my gift to myself.

My wonderful Hubby is on board.  He's going to help me, and away we go. 

Then, I'm going to take some time off of HCG and try to transition into a life routine.  Working out is on the agenda, it's what's bringing me down!  Summer is around the corner, being outside and being active is what will make the difference.

Here is my pinterest board for recipes.  Making good food on this diet is a must!

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  1. I personally think you look fabulous. You are beautiful no matter what, but the most important thing is feeling good. I know exactly how you feel! You are so strong, and such a hard working mama!