Sunday, September 18, 2011

Round 2, Day 4, Deja Vu!

Today I'm on Round 2, Day 4 of VLCD.  I feel like things went well in the maintenance phase.  I held strong at 184.6 for most of the phase.  There were good days and bad, I just had to remember what I was doing and use the tools to help me along the way.

Last weekend I had a few get togethers, so I figured it would be a good weekend to Load!  I was right, BUT, my drops didn't show up till Monday, so after I consulted my HCG support group on Facebook, I found myself loading for two more days WITH the drops.  I ended the load days seeing a number that I never wanted to see again! 

Day 1 VLCD (after a goof of loading 2 days without drops and 2 days with)
Starting Weight: 190

Day 4 VLCD 
Weight: 182.9

So in 3 days on the diet, I was down 7.2 Pounds!!!  Thank God!

This feels like same old, same old, all over again.  Man, I remember this part like it was yesterday.  I'm trying to remember all my tricks that got me through the tough times.  I'm drinking lots of tea again.  Smooth move, Good Earth, anything with a punch of flavor.

LOTS of mineral water and ice tea too!

This is a great reciepe that I've already made.  If your on the diet, I recommend it!  It reheats well the next day for lunch.

Picante Chicken
1 package of fresh chicken breasts (4-5 total)
3-4 cans of Organic Stewed Tomatoes (no sugar added)
Onion Powder

Throw this in a crock pot, use the seasonings as much as your taste buds like!  Let this baby cook all day, and then shred the chicken.  You can eat this like a soup, or count the tomatoes as your fruit and throw this over lettuce!  Yummy!!!

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